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CAC Sveti Ivan Zelina

Last show on the continent till end of August 😅was CAC "Ivanje Wine show" where we had fabulous time with a lot of doggy friends. Thank you Ivan Bogdan for It!! You are super host !

We took our young team, 4 youngsters, 2 babies and Dream, who is still youngster himself at 22 months of age :) Thank you to the judge Silvana Vuckovic for lovely words about our dogs.

"Chilli" - Glamour Shine Al Capone - young class - exc.1. PRM, JBOB, BOB

"Lexy" - Glamour Shine Adeline - young class - exc.1., PRM, BOS

"Jordan" - Glamour Shine You'll Never Walk Alone - baby class - very promising 1st

"Street" - Glamour Shine Sorrento - young class - exc.1., PRM

"Dream" - Unlimited Dreams of Sunshine's Valley - open class - exc.1., CAC

"Ginny" - Glamour Shine Unbreakable Vow - baby class - very promising 1

"Tosca" - Glamour Shine Toscana - young class - exc.2.

Congratulations to KU Sveti Ivan Zelina for yet another well organized show.

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