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Charming Eyes

Glamour Shine Golden & Flat Coated retriever breeder


    NAME: Charming Eyes
    CALLNAME: "Croa"
    NICKNAMES: Croica, Koaca, Žuta, Koac..
    D.O.B.: 27.04.2007.
    FATHER: INT.CH. Latino Lover
    MOTHER: St. Helen
    BREEDER: Ivanka Šebrek,, Croatia
    OWNER: Marijana Racic & Anna Weber, Glamour Shine, Croatia
    WORK: Natural ability test
    HIPS: HD:A
    ELBOWS: ED 0:0
    EYES: clear
    ICT: carrier

Once in a lifetime friend... Perfect pet, perfect soul, perfect friend... She is the only one I can always relay on. Now, with 10 years of age she is enjoying her life running, swimming, aporting sticks, balls, frisbie... She is mummy, grandmummy, greatgrandmummy and gggrandmummy and she enjoys her legacy. She was not interested in dog shows, nor I think she is very show quality, but she produced 4 beautiful litters from which some pups went abroad, some stayed in Croatia as pets and we kept two of her daughters. Her daughter Stella is our best breeding girl who is herself very beautiful and show girl. Now both retired they are enjoying their lifes with doggy family in fields, lake, woods, and ofcurse in our beds.

27.04.2007. - 25.06.2020. 

In memoriam Croa <3 

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